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Followers, ASSEMBLE!

I have a fun little deal for you guys.

George Perez portfolio

This is a George Perez art portfolio featuring covers from Batman and Teen Titans. I own this. It’s signed on the cover. It’s missing one image, and the cover is worn so it isn’t worth much. If you want it, it’s yours for ten bucks. The catch is you have to decide and let me know before I sell it to a comic shop in Vancouver tomorrow. If you wanna just send me money for shipping I don’t even really need ten bucks for it, I could just send it to you… If no one wants it I might even keep it myself, I dunno. But I though UnicornPancreas at least would be excited so I figured I would at least put the offer on the table. I have other artist’s portfolios that are worth more, but this one is my only Batman one. Send me an ask or a fanmail if you’re interested :D

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